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  •  1年生は共通科目で「基礎・基本」の徹底!
  •  2年生・3年生は多様な選択科目で充実!
Grade 2nd 3rd
Lessons for All the Students in the Grade Modern Japanese Language
Old Japanese Language I
Mathematics Ⅱ
Mathematics B
Physical Education
Art I
English Ⅱ
English Reading
English Writing
Modern Japanese Language
Old Japanese Language Ⅱ
Modern Social Studies
Physical Education
English Ⅱ
English Reading
English Writing
Elective Lessons & Lessons for International Course Students World History A/B
Japanese History A/B
Geography A/B
Chemistry I / Biology I
General English
Second Foreign Languages
Japanese History B / World History B / Geography B
Chemistry I / Biology I / Japanese Expression
Current English/Mathematics Ⅱ/ ArtⅡ
English Expression / Mathematics Ⅱ
English Comprehension / Mathematics B / French /
Chinses / ArtⅡ
General English
The aim of this course is to develop students' skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Current English
This course is to encourage students to think deeply about important issues in our rapidly changing society.
Second Languages
For people who are not satisfied with just English – they can become trilingual with Chinese or French.
English Comprehension
This course places importance on being able to read quickly and read a lot. The topics include analysis and criticizm, culture, customs, and much more.
Different Cultural Understanding (Ibunka-Rikai)
This course encourages students to look at many problems happening in the world, not only in Japan. Its purpose is to develop students in a global way of looking at things.
English Expression (Eigo-Hyogen)
The main activities in this lesson are listening, speaking, and writing. The aim is to foster in students the ability to think in English and to speak in front of others.
1st Term Special Lecture #1 (for 2nd Graders)
STEP Test (#1-1st stage)
Summer Vacation Homestay Tour (for 1st Graders)
STEP Test (#1-2nd stage)
2nd Term Hosting Exchange Students from Sister Schools (every other year)
English Camp (for 2nd Graders)
Special Lecture #1 (for 2nd Graders)
STEP Test (#2-1st stage)
Exchange Students Selection Exam (for 1st and 2nd Graders)
STEP Test (#2-2nd stage)
3rd Term STEP Test (#3-1st stage)
STEP Test (#3-2nd stage)